Jacob Blackburn
full name jacob andrew blackburn date of birth & age december 8, 1981 & 33 status perpetual bachelor orientation kinsey 1 hometown Ashland, Oregon current residence williamsburg, brooklyn, new york occupation owner of cthulu's
Kale was destined to grow up in a strange manner. From the age of three until he was nine, he didn't speak. He went completely radio silence after learning how to talk and form sentences. His parents had high hope for him, they wanted him to go on and do better things than they were able to and live his life to the utmost potential, but unfortunately, he started off a bit weird. Kale had selective mutism, and when he was old enough to understand social situations, he became cripplingly shy and no amounts of speech therapy were able to help him with this until he was ready to face his fears on his own.

Outside of just his immediate family, one way Kale was able to communicate with people was through artwork. In elementary school, he had a very healthy appreciation for art, and that appreciation would continue on into adulthood, as well. His parents encouraged any way of expressing himself in hopes that it would eventually lead him in the direction of verbal communication again. Despite his shyness and slective mutism, Kale still laughed and smiled, or frowned and cried when he felt bad. He was very expressive in many other ways that didn't involve forcing him to talk, and when the mutiple pediatricians and therapists he had seen came to learn that, they had all ruled out any form of autism. Once Kale began talking again, he would admit that during those six years he just 'didn't have much to say' and would leave it at that.

Life began for him once he moved away from Petersham and closer to Worcester. Living in the small historical town that he grew up was hindering his ability to continue expressing himself as he grew. Once he escaped the public school system, Kale went to Becker College with nothing more than a really outlandish dream and his parents blessing. They would worry about him shutting down as he once had, closing the world out and locking himself up to paint, but Kale wanted to use this opportunity to find himself and better himself further. It took him longer than expected to settle into dorm life, but he did, and even though his roommate considered him to be a little on the strange side for while, they eventually became best friends and spent most of their time together. College was also where Kale would experience his first love, and inevitably his first heart break when his girlfriend left him for one reason or another.

After college, Kale moved home and lived with his parents for time, not really able to live off of any of the money he was making selling his artwork. His parents urged him to get a job without trying to remind him that despite having a degree in video game design, he probably wasn't likely to find a job in that field. He tried not to get too discouraged in the bleeding artist job hunt that he spent months on, and he eventually found a job working night security a few towns over and closer to the city. At 23, he knew this wasn't really what he wanted to spend the rest of his life doing, and so Kale went back to school, this time a little further from home. Attending Boston University, Kale went back to school for Biochemistry and trudged his way through the next four years of his life. As many times as he desperately wanted to take a break and walk away from the university, his parents pushed him forward and tried to remind him that his future could very well rely on whether or not he finished school.

Deciding not to leave the city after college, Kale moved into a small apartment by himself and lived off of Ramen and crackers for what seemed like decades. School was an expensive hobby, he knew this, but he also knew that he was preparing to make his way through adulthood, and like his parents had wanted for him in the very beginning he wanted to go on and do good things and live up to his potential. For a few months, he worked in a research lab as an assistant, and while he loved the perks of his job, Kal realized that the lab environment wasn't something he was ready for just yet. For a while, he stuck with it, hoping he'd get the hang of it and learn to love the atmosphere, but when he decided it was never going to happen, he hung up his lab coat and went back on the job hunt.

Having a knack for odd jobs, Kal fond himself as personal security, a bouncer, a bartender, a house painter, and even very briefly working for a local landscaping company back home in Petersham. His focus has evolved and most nights and weekends he holes himself up to focus on designing, and he currently has a big project in the works.

personality even in his late 20's, kal has had a hard time shaking off the frat-boy persona and often comes off in an undesirable manner. he wears his heart on his sleeve and is always open and too honest about how he's feeling. he is very easily let down and is generally happier when he's daydreaming than actually going about his day. he's not the most pragmatic person, but tries to be, and puts his best foot forward in all his friendships and relationships, although often falls short. definitely a victim of circumstance and often finds himself getting the short end of the stick, but has come to terms with the fact that sometimes, people are just made to have bad luck.

  • has often been the subject of nude modeling for art classes.

  • can't keep a girlfriend more than a few months and has only ever really been in love once.

  • has come to terms with the fact that he'll die an old cat lady.

  • incapable of not flirting with any girl that flashes a smile at him, even if he has no intention on it going anywhere.

  • as an only child, he's used to being spoiled and getting what he wants, but has tried to curb that as he grew older.

  • has no desire to settle down and live the same kind of nuclear lifestyle as his parents.

  • spends more time in his studio than his apartment.

  • comic verse tie-in
  • first and last name initial.
  • kal's family members share the same first names as kyle's family memebers.
  • kal's last name is kyle's grandfathers first name.
  • freelance artist, dabbling in multiple medias.
  • emotional. kind of an idiot sometimes.
  • has a bright and vivid imagination.
  • powers & items

    white lantern power ring
    The rings use white energy, supplied by the White Lantern Central Power Battery, which in most cases takes the form of white light. A White Power Ring is the most powerful type of Power Rings, which themselves are one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. White Power Rings have the ability to affect and use fundamental forces of the universe, including gravity, radiation, heat, light, and blasts of concussive force. The ring can also create fields of force formed from an energy bound by the users' will. The limitations of such use are the skill, knowledge, and imagination of the ring wearer.

    white energy blasts
    Force-Field Generation
    energy constructs
    environmental playback
    energy twin
    ring duplication
    mind alteration
    energy absorption
    wormholes & spacial warps
    limited cellular regeneration
    electromagnetic scanning
    material alteration
    emergency beacon
    homing beacon
    invisibility & light refraction
    time travel
    pocket dimension
    security protocol
    preset conditions
    thought relay

    white lantern power battery

    au skills

    he really has none.